Anti Corruption Policy

World Corporation Public Company Limited

Anti Corruption Policy

Policy On Anti-Corruption

World Corporation Public Company Limited operates on a strategy to compete fairly. This is achieved through ensuring product quality without the use of fraud or other corrupt practices, whether by offering pledges, requests, grafts and illegal acts. This anti-corruption policy covers all business and relevant agencies. Benefits aren’t limited in the form of money but also includes other privileges or services offered and obtained through deceitful or fraudulent means.

Company policy prohibits directors, executives and employees from performing or condoning any form of corruption. A review of the policy and operational audit will be conducted consistently, as well as reviews of practices and requirements for operators will be performed to ensure compliance of the business regulations and legal requirements. The company evaluates its operations regularly to reduce the risk of fraud. The company has a plan prepared in how to respond to address and fix any problems that come up, as well as defined


World Corporation Public Company Limited operates with transparency to follow the law of the country and preserve its reputation. The company has policies for employees and stakeholders, with all parties having the same standards as guidelines.

  • Accepting gifts or other benefits should be received ethically. This should be in a manner which is open and decent so as not to acquire property illegally.
  • Directors, executives and employees will not solicit or accept gifts from customers, suppliers or other stakeholders which may have an impact on business decisions.
  • Company personnel must not bribe or impart benefits with similar coercive tactics. This includes bribes for the company's own personnel as well as external personnel, such as government officials. Giving gifts of property or other benefits to public officials must be done within the provisions of the local laws and customs.
  • Directors, executives and employees must report receiving any gifts, assets or other benefits. The company will release to customers, partners who have been involved with the company know the policy of giving gifts, assets or other benefits regularly.

Policy On Whistleblowing And Complaints

World Corporation Public Company Limited encourages our employees and stakeholders to report any cases of suspicious actions of executives, employees and stakeholders that may be illegal. Complaints can be reported to :
Mrs. Kingkan Vonghataipaisal Assistant Company Secretary
Telephone: 02-5635254
Or complaints to the World Corporation Public Company Limited 4 Moo 11 Lat sawai Sub-district Lat sawai District, Lamlukka, Pathum Thani Province, 12150

After Receiving Notifications or Complaints The company carries out the following process in response to notifications or complaints :

  • Complaint coordinators record information from the complainant. Administrative personnel handling the complaint will then conduct a fact finding investigation for the complaint, followed by making recommendations regarding appropriate action. If disciplinary actions are deemed necessary, the Legal Department and Human Resources Department are consulted. Disciplinary actions are in accordance with company regulations. If the administrative personnel handling complaints has no authority to order sanctions, the case is brought up to the next level of authority. The results of the fact-finding proceedings will be submitted for the case to be reviewed. If the complaint was found to have no merit or was caused by a misunderstanding, or if recommendations can be issued to resolve the complaint, such as changes or warnings related to conduct or proper practice of policy, the case should be closed without any penalty. The company also provides protection for whistle-blowing or complaints as follows.
  • The company will collect the data and the identity of the whistleblower. Complaints will be handled with confidentiality to protect the identity of the complainant.
  • The company will disclose information that is necessary, such as issues with regards to safety and of sources of information or related parties from those who reported the corruption.
  • The accused will be mitigated with due process.
  • When the complainant deems that they might be unsafe, they may request for the company to determine the appropriate measures to protect them. Or the company may impose initiative protective measures to keep the complainant safe.
  • The company will not commit an injustice against the whistleblower, whether by changing jobs, workplace bullying, interference with operations, suspension, dismissal or any other action that is unfair to the whistleblower.

Policy On Sponsorship Support

World Corporation Public Company Limited operates with a commitment to company growth along with social development. The company has a policy to support society through initiatives such as promotion of youth development and development of government personnel. Financial support along with other appropriate methods will be employed for the conservation and protection of nature and the environment.

The Company has established procedures and controls to offer support for society and the environment, with regular reviews conducted by an authorized company to approve sponsorship measures and improve effectiveness of support.

Policies On Charity Donation

World Corporation Public Company Limited strives continuously to make donations effectively and transparently. The company has clear procedures regarding items donated to charity. It also has reviews conducted by external authorities to ensure proper procedures are followed. Donations are reported and reviewed in order to assess and make any improvements for future contributions.