Compliance Policy

World Corporation Public Company Limited

Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy

World Corporation Public Company Limited has operations of the company to be effective. The Company achieve goal with moral accountability and transparency, taking into account its impact on society and the environment. The Company create benefits for shareholders, customers, employees and communities by creating policies in various fields to cover the operation in the following :

1. Policy Governance

The Company has adopted guidelines on corporate governance for lister companies by 2012 sey by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The content is dividue into five categories:

  • Rights of Shareholders
  • To treat shareholders equally
  • The role of stakeholders
  • Disclosure and transparency
  • Responsibilities of the Board

2. Policy on corruption

The Company policy prohibits Directors, executives and employees perform or accept corruption in all its forms both direct and indirect. The Company review of anti-corruption compliance policies consistently. As well as review the quidelines and requirements.

3. Policy regarding donations to charities

The Company's policy to donate to charity through various methods and procedures, and appropriate control of the donation to the charity.

4. Policy supporting

The Company establishes procedures and controls to support.

5. Policies governing the giving and receiving of gifts or there benefits

The Company has a policy on the giving and receiving of gifts or other benefits. The management,staff and stakeholders on all sides are guidelines to the same standard.

The company also has established the following guidelines for social responsibility :

The Company alheres to the guidelines for doning business according to the principles of coporate governance. The Company recognizes the importance of conducting business in a socially responsible community and the environment for the steadily growing, sustainable and acceptable to those involved.

  • Operating with fairness
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Respect for human rights
  • To treat workers fairly
  • Responsible consumers
  • Community and Society
  • Environmental Management