Message from Director

World Corporation Public Company Limited

Message from Director

Chirasak Chiyachantana Ph.D. Asso.Prof.


World Corporation Public Company Limited is a company engaging in the business of real estate, medicine, Indrustrial Estate, and energy which participates in the promotion of social development and prosperity in those communities around the project as well as expanding business interests of the company. The company has a strategic plan to create a strong and profitable model in the long term, with its mission:

  • To expand investment in real estate to cover all areas and meet different requirements
  • To promote good public health
  • To promote sustainable energy and expand renewable energy
  • To improve the quality of education so that people in society have a better standard of living
  • To look after the communities we serve
  • To increase the value of shareholder’s equity

In the past year, the company has been consistent in its expansion with the acquisition of all shares in two companies from the major shareholders and the establishment of two more companies in order to increase investment in many areas and enhance business operations for the fiscal year 2016. The company will focus on improving business policy, development and services for improved efficiency, quality service, as well as cost management. Meanwhile, the company will continue contributing to the development of the economy and society through activities under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, good governance, transparency, and adherence to good leadership. In addition, the discipline of risk management is an important factor that will bring success in creating value for our shareholders and generate stable returns. The board of directors is confident and committed to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and strengthening the stability of the company, and would like to thank our customers and the organizations that have provided support and trust. In behalf of the board of directors, I am confident that our strategies are in line with the project environments, can increase efficiency and effectiveness in operations, and are committed to strengthening the stability of the company. I would like to thank our shareholders, clients and organizations which have supported and trusted the management of the company throughout. Finally, thank you to the management and all employees for their participation as the major force in driving and developing the company to progress steadily.