World Vision

World Corporation Public Company Limited

Vision & Mission


World Investment Corporation, a leader in real estate development. We focus on finding and developing vacant land, real estate projects of industrial and commercial and Housing projects.We developed a system of construction and infrastructure with technology and creative innovation. Along with social progress and sustainable development.

  • Focus on finding and developing vacant land, real estate projects of industrial and commercial and Housing projects.
  • Focus on expanding the business to grow steadily sustainable, seek a partner, the investment opportunities to create a good performance and take care of the interests of the shareholders are the most important.
  • Committed to the development of the organization to grow to meet the good returns to shareholders, executives and personnel sustained.
  • Serving customers willingly to meet the different needs of customers quickly and easily understand. So that customers get the maximum satisfaction.
  • Implementate the real estate projects Along with the promotion of economic, social, environmental and community development to enhance the quality of life for residents.
  • Manage the system with standard consisting primarily of ethics and good governance.
Company Business

The Company and its 6 subsidiaries operate in horizontal and vertical real estate developments which are industrial and commercial real estate for sale and for both short-term and long-term rental. It also includes industrial estate and housing for sale and for both short-term and long-term rental. The company’s products are divided into 7 categories.

  • Purchase and sale of land for commercial purposes, including large, medium and small sizes, to company and general public for development.
  • Purchase, develop, distribute and sale of land to company and general public in both inside and outside industrial estate.
  • Industrial and commercial horizontal real estate projects which include industrial estates and commercial buildings.
  • Residential projects for sale and lease of commercial space include condominiums.
  • Rent and sale of commercial real estate (land, warehouses, factories, small office buildings, large office buildings and commercial buildings) for general public.
  • Development projects for industrial and commercial infrastructure services which includes sale of gas water.
  • Real estate project management business for company and general public.
Organization Management Philosophy

The company foresees the importance of all parties concerned. Whether it be customers, employees, shareholders, business partners or other people, the Company is determined to provide the best opportunity that the person wants. By developing high quality products and services that customers trust. Make good progress and quality work for employees to take care of like family. Develop business to grow and secure to increase value for shareholders, society and community to grow with the company.

Use ethical management

The Company believes that the foundation of a solid business comes from doing business with transparency. Verifiable at every stage of operation, the company It has a policy of operation with morality, ethics, compliance with the law. Respect human rights principles Treat all parties with equality.

Environmentally responsible

The stagnation of the environment This is what makes the world possible to develop far and long. The company is focused on the business to have the least negative impact on the environment. Together with the development of additional environment at every opportunity without hesitation.

Corporate Values

W - White Business doing business transparently check it.
O - Opportunity creates a great opportunity for shareholders.
R - Responsibility Social and environmental responsibility
L - Leadership is a global business leader.
D - Development develops business and technology capabilities.

Organisational culture

Earnest sincerity Sufficient, punctual and professional. Join hands to unite to comply with good corporate policies. Pay attention to the customer. Have social and environmental responsibility.